Effective Team Building & Leadership

Work teams are hailed as the most powerful strategies available to organizations today to be efficient and effective. “Effective teams are not difficult to build, and require four things: belief, knowledge, techniques, and their application to your team to develop skills”. (Rupert Eales-White)

Teams are becoming increasingly important in today’s organizations. However, it is also clear that teams are not a panacea; it is not enough to simply put people together and ask them to perform. Organizations using teams face new challenges everyday of organizing, coaching and aligning the team efforts. Effective teams require a delicate balance of management, team & individual commitment. Their energies are directed toward problem solving, task effectiveness, and maximizing the use of all members' resources to achieve the team's purpose.

The programme is an active and practical three-day programme that advances insights, experience and skills to facilitate developing highly effective teams. It will help individuals to understand the process of working together and creating a climate that encourages and values the contributions of team members.

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