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Motion Control and Servo Technology

    Getting Insight of Motion Control / Servo Technology for Automatic Machines.
    To get acquainted with new development happening  all over the world in field of motion control technology.
    Prepare the participants ready for further trainings towards actual implementation.

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Privacy Preserving in Data Mining

The proposed workshop will focus on fundamental concepts of privacy that distinguish it from security, Data Mining Techniques using weka tool, motivation and challenges posed by the diversity of privacy threats, and various attack and privacy models. It gives an overview and analysis of privacy preserving data publishing approaches, rule hiding techniques and privacy preserving distributed mining methods with special emphasis on future directions. Finally, current trends in privacy preserving data mining are discussed with their challenges and needs. The primary focus of this course is on the fundamentals of privacy preserving techniques in data mining.

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Embedded Systems Design

Embedded systems play an essential role in providing ubiquitous information, one of the key goals of all the modern day technologies. Following the success of information technology for office and workflow applications, embedded systems are considered to be the most important application area of information technology in the coming years. Looking to this trend, faculty development program is designed for those who are faculty of technical institutes teaching or doing research in the areas of embedded systems; PG and PhD students who are looking to build their carrier in  embedded systems domain; industry professional who want to explore maker community boards for embedded system design.

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Programmable Logic Controller

  •     Getting Insight of Programmable logic controller
  •     To get acquainted with new development happening  all over the world in field Automation using PLC
  •     Detailed wiring and programming of PLC
  •     Ladder programing for digital and analog module on actual hardware system.
  •     Prepare the participants ready for further trainings towards actual implementation of PLC based applications.

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Aspect-Oriented Programming for Website Development

The proposed workshop will focus on hands-on exposure on Advance .net programming. This workshop gives you intensive, in-depth and hands-on sessions on .net which enabling you to master all the details of web development technologies and return home ready to deliver impressive, robust applications.

This intensive hands-on course puts you in the driver's seat as you become adept at taking advantage of the most advanced programming mechanisms of .NET.

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