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Programmable Logic Controller

  •     Getting Insight of Programmable logic controller
  •     To get acquainted with new development happening  all over the world in field Automation using PLC
  •     Detailed wiring and programming of PLC
  •     Ladder programing for digital and analog module on actual hardware system.
  •     Prepare the participants ready for further trainings towards actual implementation of PLC based applications.

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Aspect-Oriented Programming for Website Development

The proposed workshop will focus on hands-on exposure on Advance .net programming. This workshop gives you intensive, in-depth and hands-on sessions on .net which enabling you to master all the details of web development technologies and return home ready to deliver impressive, robust applications.

This intensive hands-on course puts you in the driver's seat as you become adept at taking advantage of the most advanced programming mechanisms of .NET.

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Progression towards Passionate Engineering

To provide guidance for the students who wish to search their career in engineering after 12th. This orientation program would help the students to relate their previous knowledge and extend them in their respective Engineering branch.

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Solid modeling using CAD software

The objective of the program is to develop skills of CAD needed in industries. This training program is designed to cover modeling features, mechanism simulation and structural analysis.

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Advances in Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals and Herbal Cosmetics

The main objective of this seminar is to provide a common forum for the discussion of recent trends on all aspects of natural products, nutraceutical and herbal cosmetics, which facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the area of herbal and nutraceuticals. Seminar includes of plenary lectures and poster presentations which aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of natural products, nutraceuticals and herbal cosmetics.

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Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills For Managers

Uncertainty is the reality of organizational activity. Organisations design their systems and structures as a means of coping with this uncertainty. However, programmed decision making is not always an effective substitute for managerial judgement. The exercise of this judgement, as a process of problem solving, ranges from the routine to the strategic, from routine and operational issues to matters of long term and impactful significance and spans across functional and activity areas for every single manager. These could be related to policy, system, process or people.  Decision making is thus viewed as a crucial competency in any manager’s repertoire of skills.

Managers learn the art of decision making as they acquire experience. Yet some are always more adapt than others. This programme, therefore, is designed to create an opportunity for the participating managers to understand the genesis of decision making and problem solving behavior. Through experiential exercises, it will help the participants to experience themselves in decision making situations and enable them to reflect on their own disposition and decision making styles, in the process becoming more effective as decision makers.

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Effective Communcations for Higher Performance

In today’s knowledge economy, when human resource is considered as the key competitive edge that organizations can have, the ability to communicate effectively has become crucial for managerial effectiveness. Organizations understand that achieving success in today’s workplace is closely tied to the ability of employees and managers to communicate effectively not only with each other but also with people outside the organization. However, communication is effective only when the message is understood and when it stimulates action or encourages the receiver to think in new ways. With good communication skills, one can anticipate problems, make decisions, coordinate work flow, supervise others, develop relationships and increase one’s as well as organizational effectiveness. Without effective communication, ideas misfire or fail to gain attention. Research has shown that on an average, 14 percent of each 40 hours work week is wasted because of poor communication between subordinates and the superiors. In an organization, communication can be oral and interpersonal, in one to one or one to many. It can also be in the written form, as in business letters, reports, proposals etc. With proliferation and penetration of technology, electronic communication has become a norm. Whether it is giving feedback, reporting, delegating, allocation of tasks or simply sharing of information; communication skills influence group dynamics and thus, has an impact on the overall personal and organizational effectiveness.

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Analysis and Design of Building using STAAD Pro

The program is designed with an emphasis to impart fundamental knowledge of analysis and design of building along with relevant practical aspects of the subject. The participants will be appraised with the step-by-step procedure of analysis and design of building using STAAD Pro. software with current practice in industry. The Hands-on session will make the participants understand the structural behavior of the building with much better frame of mind. The state-of-art knowledge related to structural detailing being employed in the field will also be covered in the programme. Special structures like retaining, water tank, shear wall building and steel structure that are being used currently also will be covered during the deliberations of the programme.

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Analysis of Electrical Systems using Simulation Tools

The proposed workshop will have a focus on solving various problems of electrical power systems and power electronics using simulation tools. During this workshop the participants will acquire the knowledge on various aspects of electrical engineering which will help them to carry out their U.G/P.G projects as well as their future research work.

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Hands on Training for HPLC & GC

This Training Programme is intended to provide basic understanding, operation and hands on training of sophisticated instruments like High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) and Gas Chromatograph (GC). HPLC and GC are widely used in various industries for analysis of drug products. This training programme can give added advantage to the learner in the cutting edge competition in industries and can help them understanding the role of HPLC and GC in analytical chemistry.

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Orientation to pollution control laws

The programme will have a focus on the basic understanding of the pollution related laws i.e. Water (Prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1974, The Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1981 and The Environment Protection Act, 1986. The environment audit process has become a mandatory process now. Involvement of experts from civil and chemical engineering and environmental engineering, science, field of law, Science is required in such environment related processes. The basic understating of the pollution related laws will develop holistic understating of the environmental related issues.

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Leadership Style and Skills

Conventionally, practice has associated leaders and leadership with top management positions.  Typical leadership roles in this sense are the head of the business, the head of the organisation or the head of the function. It is a changed world today. The realities of today’s corporate world demand a leadership role to be exercised at multiple levels within the organisation – as leaders of teams, leaders of functions, leaders of work processes and leaders of business units. In a globalised economy characterized by market deregulation, pace, interconnectedness and customer empowerment, all adding up to a continued volatility, businesses have to be in a ready mode to respond to the external environment.

While the entrepreneurs or top management may create a vision, articulated as the ‘strategic growth path’, the vision is to be actualized through people staffing the organization at different levels, irrespective of its nature of business, size and life cycle. Effective leadership is then not just about providing a vision, but also about leading the self and the team to align themselves with the organization goals.

Effective leaders create a momentum through their vision and a bias for action. While vision brings in a sense of direction and focus, the bias for action enables the movement and channelizing of resources.

This programme focusing on leadership as a multi-level construct, aims to create an opportunity for participants to reflect on their leadership roles and leadership skills for effective performance.

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International Marketing Research in 21st Century

International marketing research plays a vital role as firms expand globally. Research to support international marketing decisions has evolved over the past four decades and must change even more to support firms in the twenty-first century. International marketing research efforts need to be more closely aligned with market growth opportunities outside the industrialized nations. Researchers must develop the capability to conduct and coordinate research that spans diverse research environments. International marketing researchers need to develop new creative approaches to probe the cultural underpinnings of behavior. And, technological advances need to be incorporated into the research process in order to facilitate and expedite research conducted across the globe.

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Personality Development and Business Etiquette

Development is a lifelong process of nurturing, shaping and improving individuals’ skills, knowledge and interests to ensure their maximum effectiveness and adaptability, and to minimize the obsolescence of those skills.

Development encompasses a range of activities and one such activity is Personality Development and knowledge of Business Etiquette. The programme aims towards building self-confidence, enhancing self-esteem and improving overall personality of the participants. The programme hopes to groom you and provide you with some tips to know about proper behaviour, socially and professionally, in casual and formal circumstances.

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Piping Design Software Training

This Training Program on “Piping Design Software Training” is intended to prepare the students for industrial requirement in the area of piping design for onshore Oil & Gas processing, petroleum refining, petrochemical & chemical, fertilizer, LNG and Pipeline & Terminal projects. This will create value addition to the student profile. The program will help to explore new employment opportunities in India and abroad.

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Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) Software

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is organizing One Day Workshop on Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) Software on 17th February, 2018 under the Banner of CCE, NU.

Last Date for Registration : 05.02.2018 

The aim of the workshop is to disseminate knowledge about this immensely useful discipline, which accelerates the design of new leads for the life threatening diseases like Cancer,
AIDs, Tuberculosis, Leishmania etc.

The workshop introduces technology through the lectures delivered by experts

The Workshop will also include demonstration on some important computer software for drug design. Attending the workshop will be of great help to budding scientists from various fields as it covers how to use different software of drug design.

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Solid modeling using cad software

The objective of the program is to develop skills of CAD needed in industries. The program is for the beginner in the area of CAD. This training program is designed to cover modeling features, assembly and drafting.

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