ADR Cell

Academic Audit

The Academic Audit at Nirma University is initiated with the following objectives:
  1. To improve the quality of teaching and research,
  2. Identify the strength and weaknesses of an individual faculty and organization,
  3. To strengthen the training and orientation programme and monitoring system in the Department/Area and Institute.

The most important stage is to monitor the activity carried out at classroom i.e. student – faculty interaction by means of the Peer Faculty Classroom Observations. The purpose of monitoring is to make the content delivery effective and learning be fruitful, by way of coaching novice teachers, shaping and sharpening faculty with a short teaching stint. The aim is to mould the teachers to be the facilitators and the mentors of tomorrow under the guidance of their experienced colleague.

The purpose of the Institute Level Academic Audit, i.e. level 2, is to observe the effectiveness of processes related to teaching – learning, to ensure and encourage quality in teaching, research and oversee the extension activities. At the same time, it is to check if the policies are adhered to and standards are maintained as per university norms at various departments (or area) within the constituent institutes.

At level 3, the University Level Academic Audit is to ensure the proper institutional functioning, adherence of the academic and research standards/ policies, observe synergy, offer guidance to embrace the better ways of imparting education – leveraging society and act as motivating force to achieve excellence in all the activities leading to fulfilment of vision and mission.